Wednesday, December 14, 2005

facade sketches

The idea for the 2nd story on the E end of the house is a Master suite /c a small cantilevered deck above the main deck we just replaced. We'd like to improve the front porch facade so it looks a bit more substantial & inviting (which would possibly allow for a higher ceiling in the living room, too). The BIG project would be expanding the kitchen/dining space S into the back yard on the SW's soooo small right now & made smaller by the fact that there are 4 doorways & a window taking up wall space in the room.

We probably won't do any of these things except perhaps upgrading the porch posts & some of the front yard landscaping since we aren't likely to be here long enough for the other stuff, what with our Oregon plans...oh well, they're cool ideas regardless.Posted by Picasa


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