Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quite a different look from the old one, huh? (Same approximate view as the pic from Cinco de Mayo.)

This one is constructed from pressure-treated wood on piers, (*not* ledgered to the house), and Trex decking & rails. Heather researched ~50 decking materials /c the goals of low maintenance, low environmental impact, good looks & moderate cost. Trex came out at the top: waste-stream recycled plastic ("closing the loop" by buying a recycled product) & non-virgin wood fiber (most composites/plastic decking is virgin PVC, a few are polyethylene - also virgin), slip-resistant, wash to maintain, solid material (no 'end-grain' holes to hide), 25 year warranty......& no splinters!

The runner-up for decking material was NW-produced Amerideck which is *recycled* & UV-stable PVC (from discarded vinyl windows) & virgin wood fiber. It is much denser than Trex, therefore harder & heavier thus requiring hollow internal channels...slightly higher material cost to hide those holes, but otherwise a very reasonable (& "green") alternative.Posted by Picasa


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