Friday, April 14, 2006

Looking up through the saucer magnolia tree on an early spring evening. Posted by Picasa

The new breaker box is *inside* the g/h, & has separate breakers for the heavy-duty fan and lights. Jim added a GFCI outlet, too, as well as a switch for the 12-volt landscape lighting that he plans to install out in the nearby flower beds. Also of note is the new frost-proof 'hydrant' water spigot. (The water line is buried 2 feet down to get below the freeze-line & drains to that level whenever it's shut off.) Posted by Picasa

*This* was scary...the guy had wires 'insulated' with garden hose and outlet boxes just hangin' in midair. Combining this with the metal pipe frame of the greenhouse & a little bit of water spelled routine ZAPS! Posted by Picasa

Jim & his Dad recently rewired & replumbed our old greenhouse. Note the old wiring hanging from the arbor before entering the conduit on the greenhouse...and the connection was a plug-in/outlet in the shed on the north side of the arbor. The new stuff is heavier gauge 'direct-bury' and comes directly from a breaker on the main panel and runs underground into the g/h. Posted by Picasa