Sunday, January 22, 2006

tentatively realistic plans for basement remodel this spring/summer...we are leaning toward the configuration on the bottom as simpler & making better use of natural light. The large room on the north side of the chimney will become a legal bedroom with the planned alterations, but we intend to use it as a guest/office & 'rec' room. Posted by Picasa

exterior view of house where the expanded window well will go..starting on the right end of existing window. The new one will be twice this width & 4' high (deep?). The tree peony & lonicera bush will be relocated...soon! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Didn't change the color of the woodwork, but found this great wallpaper trim that coordinated all the colors perfectly...and it was only $1/roll in a remnants bin at Home Depot!!! We used Rodda Paint's Harmony line (low/zero VOC) which is perfect for a baby's room (or anyone's for that matter - the fewer nasty chemicals, the better). The green on the lower 1/2 is semi-gloss for ease in cleaning tiny fingerprints. The blue above is satin. Posted by Picasa

scraping out the cracks in the plaster in order to repair them before we repaint...all 4 walls & the ceiling had cracks Posted by Picasa

That's more like it! Still has the original heavy-duty, washable, light-blocking roller blinds...good for mid-day napping. Posted by Picasa

SE bedroom was set up as a man's office by the previous owners...a small room made smaller by the intense color on all 4 walls & the ceiling. Red just isn't a calming color for a nursery! Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Quite a different look from the old one, huh? (Same approximate view as the pic from Cinco de Mayo.)

This one is constructed from pressure-treated wood on piers, (*not* ledgered to the house), and Trex decking & rails. Heather researched ~50 decking materials /c the goals of low maintenance, low environmental impact, good looks & moderate cost. Trex came out at the top: waste-stream recycled plastic ("closing the loop" by buying a recycled product) & non-virgin wood fiber (most composites/plastic decking is virgin PVC, a few are polyethylene - also virgin), slip-resistant, wash to maintain, solid material (no 'end-grain' holes to hide), 25 year warranty......& no splinters!

The runner-up for decking material was NW-produced Amerideck which is *recycled* & UV-stable PVC (from discarded vinyl windows) & virgin wood fiber. It is much denser than Trex, therefore harder & heavier thus requiring hollow internal channels...slightly higher material cost to hide those holes, but otherwise a very reasonable (& "green") alternative.Posted by Picasa

All done. Whoohooo!!! Posted by Picasa

SKA & Dude enjoying the upper deck while watching the contractor clean up. Posted by Picasa

Framing the new deck the week before Xmas '05. Posted by Picasa

South wall all fixed & ready for the new deck. Posted by Picasa

Masons repairing the wall, late Fall '05. Posted by Picasa

old deck was ledgered (/s flashing) directly to the house causing the steel lintel over the basement window to rust & expand which lead to this damage to the wall of the house. Yikes! Posted by Picasa

SCARY!!!!!! (taking the old deck apart & finding stuff like this...) Posted by Picasa

Heather's deck plan Posted by Picasa

new deck 'elevation' Posted by Picasa

neighbors & friends enjoying Cinco de Mayo '01 on our old deck Posted by Picasa

Heather's dad helped us correct this type of problem /c the gutter downspouts that caused leaking in the basement & damage to the old deck. Whoever made this mess obviously had no concept of water's physical properties. (Ever heard of surface tension? Apparently not!) Posted by Picasa

All better!!! With a nice new custom cap to protect it. Posted by Picasa

One of our earliest projects - rebuilding the chimney. It was in sad shape when we bought the house & the Nisqually earthquake in 02/01 moved it to the top of the list. Jim & I took it apart...carefully, cleaning & saving all the bricks. We had a mason put it back together /c the original bricks/configuration. Posted by Picasa

Mostly finished & MUCH improved over the original crummy thing...Looks surprisingly like my sketch, wouldn't you say? Posted by Picasa

Jim installing cross-pieces on the trellis. Posted by Picasa

Liz inspecting progress Posted by Picasa

Prepping to pour the planting bed & fence/trellis post footings. Note the old deck /c clematis (left) that we transferred to the new trellis & the hydrangeas (right)...  Posted by Picasa

Heather's initial sketch for the new E fence, trellis & planting beds...plan to move one of the lace-head hydrangeas from the back yard to 1/2-round bed between the 2 gates. Posted by Picasa