Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It's a pleasant space now. We've actually gone in here to hang out in the past few days. Posted by Picasa

There's the pile of sifted dirt from the greenhouse floor! Posted by Picasa

close-up of the finished utilities. Posted by Picasa

I can use my potting bench now! (Jim built it out of scrap lumber 3 years ago). Posted by Picasa

Ahhh, much better. Dirt's gone, shoveled out and replaced with 3 inches of washed pea gravel over a layer of landscape fabric. Posted by Picasa

This is the ugly jumble of stuff that *was* in the greenhouse - mostly storage for extra lumber, firewood and empty plant pots. The environment was SOOOO dry that simply (carefully) walking on the dirt floor kicked up too much dust for anyone to stay in the space for more than 5 minutes. Lots of rusty nails, broken glass & other junk in the floor, too. Truly unpleasant. Posted by Picasa

finito. New towel racks & such to match the sink & shower hardware. New low-flo toilet. New curved curtain rod. (Jim insisted on this & we both appreciate it. After the tile, that gets the most comments from guests.) Original tub & the floor tile was put in by the previous owner - Jim's contractor friend. Posted by Picasa

Ceiling's in, as are the new light bar, medicine cabinet & sink/vanity. (We reused the old vanity & cabinet.) Jim is finishing the trim tile here. The colored tiles are recycled glass from Bedrock Industries at the bottom of the Magnolia Bridge. Even buying 'seconds', they were the most expensive part of the project with the exception of the window. Each of the triangular white ceramic tiles framing the glass tiles had to be hand-cut due to the irregular size of the latter. This task daunted both of us for awhile. Posted by Picasa

Bathroom sans ceiling. Posted by Picasa

This is the NW corner of our main bath after Jim & his Dad tore out the old plaster. This project began over Spring Break '02. Jim thought it would take a week to 'fix the tiles' in the shower. The bathroom remodel was finished Easter morning, (12:35 AM), 2004! None too soon! Waddling to the far corner of the basement to reach our 1/2 bath several times nightly was one of my pregnancy miseries. Posted by Picasa

Jim replaced the shower pipes which were the only remaining galvanized pipes in the house before putting in fiberglass-infused (waterproof) sheetrock. Here he's tiling the shower surround. Note the picture-frame tile around the new vinyl window. Previous single-pane aluminum window was a replacement from the original wood...dumb to put a window *in* a shower, but hopefully this combination will be more water resistant than the 1st 2. Posted by Picasa