Monday, July 30, 2007

'tankless' water heater installed

Today our old 80 gallon electric water heater tank was switched out for the new *electric* whole-house on demand tankless water heater (Steibel Eltron). Every trades person involved in installing this baby was totally flabbergasted when we explained that it had to have 3 dedicated 50amp circuits. The electrician refused to believe it until we could show him the spec sheet. (Just for comparison, a kitchen range uses only one circuit this size.)

So, no more maintaining a tankfull of water at 120' & (hopefully) even with the inreased immediate use of power for the new heater, the overall use will go down...stay tuned

Sunday, July 29, 2007

plumbing cont'd

plumbing woes

framing +

future bathroom floor mostly jacked out; closet framed (note Trex sole/bottom plate - damp resistant without chemically pressure-treated lumber); new heating duct

Early on

jackhammering the future bathroom floor; furring out exterior walls

West fence

Heather's last hurrah (prior to pregnancy-induced bedrest) was putting up fence boards on the frame Jim built.

We love Jackson Remodeling!

This contracting crew has been wonderful. Finally seeing progress on reconstructing our basement has definitely eased our anxiety.